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Tips for foot care at home

This is how you simply care for your feet at home

Whether in summer, spring, autumn or winter: the feet are among the most stressed parts of the body and are subjected to enormous stress every day. Nevertheless, when it comes to personal hygiene, foot care is often neglected in leisure time. In the following text you will find reliable tips for making foot care a feel-good event...

DIY scrub

DIY Peeling - natural beauty products for care

A good peeling removes old skin cells and ensures that the skin has a good capacity to absorb caring substances. In the course of microplastic reduction and the desire for natural beauty, the change from conventional purchase products to gentle substances for the skin and the environment with many advantages. is becoming apparent. A peeling can be easily and inexpensively done by...

Which care cream does the modern man need

Whether in your leisure time or at work ?

While in the past, men's personal hygiene consisted of just washing and shaving, men today attach more importance to their personal hygiene. This does not exclude the use of a good skin care cream. The following article will tell you what you should pay attention to in order to find the right skin care cream for you. That is why there are skin care creams for men and women. If you have asked...

Tanning shower feat. tanning creams what is really useful

What's the difference?

Summer is just around the corner and the pale skin has not yet adapted to the season? How good that there are self-tanners that conjure up a radiant tanned complexion, which makes every summer dress look much more attractive. Most women use self-tanning cream. The tanning shower is also becoming increasingly popular. What is the difference? And which method promises the best...

Away with the bacon through form washing

How to use shapewear correctly

In hardly any underwear shop in recent years have you been able to avoid shapewear or so-called shapewear. This type of underwear is designed to ensure that you can dress yourself in this way at work and in your free time without having to carry a lot of extra weight. Finally wearing the new pencil skirt in the office? The fancy cocktail dress? Find out in the following text how you can...

Firm deodorant - save packaging

A real alternative to conventional products

Festes deodorant in a sustainable packaging, is a real alternative to conventional products. Many cosmetic products are packed in plastic, disposable jars or spray cans. However, this packaging is known to harm the environment. Some manufacturers are therefore increasingly turning to an ecological alternative, even for deodorants. For you as a consumer, this means that you can choose an...

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