Clean or renew silicone joints ?

Should the silicone be cleaned or renewed

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Usually silicone is found in the connection joints of the damp zones in the house and apartment. A good example is the washbasin, bathtub and shower. Silicone is used to repel moisture. The material is flexible, but over time it becomes stained and black. Should the silicone be cleaned or renewed?
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Determine contamination and damage
First of all, one should take a closer look at his silicone joints in the house. See if you can see any visible damage. Dirt and lime will deposit on them over time. This happens even with regular cleaning if the rag does not go deep enough. If black stains are visible, they indicate fungal attack. They thrive well on the pleasantly damp surface. If the silicone joint has already become dry and shows cracks or is already detached from the surface, then cleaning alone will not have much effect. Even after that, the mould will continue to erode and the joint will come loose.

Household products and sprays for cleaning
Contamination on the surface of silicone joints can be made beautiful again by cleaning. The stains are usually stubborn and adhere firmly. Sharp and pointed objects should not be considered at all, they only leave damage. If you have a steam cleaner in your house, you have a particular advantage. Heavy soiling should be rubbed with a diluted vinegar essence before steam cleaning. This also works for light soiling.

With or without a steam cleaner, the vinegar water should be applied and massaged in with a cloth and left to soak in for a few minutes. Another inexpensive aid from the house is a portion of baking powder. This is mixed in water and spread on the silicone joints with a brush or soft toothbrush. The whole thing should then work for at least an hour or even longer. Then clean again with a toothbrush and proceed carefully so as not to damage anything.

Sprays against mould on the surface are also available in stores. In this case, follow the instructions for use and keep the house well ventilated. Helpers to renew Replacing silicone joints is not a nice job. But there are special helpers for it. For the cracked and deeply mouldy joints, joint scrapers with interchangeable blades are available. When the old joint is completely removed, it can be sealed with new silicone sealant.
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Keep silicone joints clean in the house
Cleaning and replacing the silicone joints can be saved if they are always kept clean and dry. For this purpose, the moisture should be wiped off after use, right into the depths of the joint.

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